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Profiting from market movements is time-consuming and difficult. Edgewall provides you with real-time trading alerts along with the key research data you need to trade them. Our proprietary algorithms screen markets (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX) during extended trading hours so you can take advantage of opportunities before or as they happen. Take control of your investing life by making fast, informed and profitable trading decisions.

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SILO 86.09%
QLGN 141.67%
VRPX 94.77%
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ANVS 94.44%
MLGO 220.86%
NXL 91.97%
AREB 80.39%
GRDI 133.33%
ALUR 121.94%
ZAPP 113.53%
MGOL 90.80%
LRHC 102.14%
RELI 202.94%
SNOA 85.00%
MBIO 340.91%
KAVL 244.44%
TPHS 176.47%
FRGT 90.91%
SOBR 102.94%
ALBT 218.18%
BNAI 134.75%
NVOS 92.54%
ONCO 152.38%
LUCY 216.67%
ASTI 88.24%
ONMD 117.81%
SING 82.14%
BNED 158.62%
MGRX 128.57%
PEGY 83.33%
IPW 92.57%
FLJ 166.30%
AKAN 81.25%
BURU 129.41%
KXIN 107.14%
FFIE 163.41%
AWIN 139.00%
CRKN 100.00%
LIDR 86.67%
BENF 126.73%
SGBX 113.85%
CTMX 166.20%
ACON 106.06%
CSSE 88.46%
AGBA 87.14%
EGOX 100.00%
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RENT 137.05%
WNW 101.35%
MGAM 84.21%
BSGM 127.05%
LASE 88.94%
AUUD 123.40%
TPET 130.77%
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IBIO 110.58%
BACK 111.11%
OTRK 84.38%
VERB 456.25%
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HX 86.47%

Gain an edge in the market by identifying winning opportunities

Edgewall provides real-time trading alerts, research data, and trading insight in a user-friendly dashboard. Learn about opportunities before anyone else, save countless hours of research and get access to the knowledge you need to succeed in the market. As a member, you’ll gain access to a wide range of tremendous functionalities and support to help you.

Discover opportunities

Our algorithms screen markets (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX) during extended hours to provide the best trading opportunities before and as they arise. Received real-time alerts depending on your trading strategy.

Access research data

Access key research data and analyze stocks in a matter of seconds. We provide you with key fundamental, technical, and newsflow data for each stock so that you can make fast and informed trading decisions.

Succeed in the market

Get trading insights and the required knowledge to trade the alerts. Monitor alert performance and risk levels with our dashboard. Become a member of our trading community and benefit from sharing your experiences.

Discover market opportunities with our real-time momentum & low-float screener

Low-float stocks have the potential to make big gains. They’re extremely responsive to news, change in demand, and wider market-trends. While identifying them requires a lot of research and complex tools, being successful in trading them is about having good timing. Our low-float algorithm screens markets during extended hours to provide you with real-time trading alerts so that you can take advantage of market opportunities before or as they arise.

We will be adding alerts for more trading strategies soon.

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Easily access research data to make educated, fast trading decisions

Edgewall enables you to gain access to key research data so that you can make fast, informed and non-emotional trading decisions. Analyze a stock’s health and potential in a matter of seconds, access key technical and fundamental indicators and see the latest news and catalysts that could impact the price. To help you focus on trading and capitalize on opportunities faster, our team selects the most relevant indicators for each alert type. Rather than spending hours on dozens of websites and paying for multiple research tools, we do it for you.

An easy-to-use dashboard with all the features you need

Our user dashboard has been designed to help you view, monitor alerts and access key research data so that you can develop a quick view on what your next trade is going to be.

  • Receive real-time notifications via your dashboard, email or telegram as soon as new alerts are posted
  • Get insights for each alert: like its current performance and risk-level
  • Access key research data and view charts before setting up your trades
  • Easily see our alert's performance via our statistics section
7-day free trial

Get started today.

Gain access to exclusive features and take advantage of market opportunities.

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  • Edgewall momentum low-float scanner
  • Real-time alert monitoring and notifications
  • Extended trading hours screening from pre-market
    to post-market
  • Stock research data, metrics & newsflow
  • AI-powered risk-levels
  • Community channels
  • 24/7 support & setup access
  • Easy set-up & support
  • Free lifetime updates
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Trusted by professionals and traders worldwide.
Our alerts have the potential to bring you strong returns.


Really great tool and pricing to find breaking out stocks and get alerted in real-time. Love the dashboard! Definitely recommend it!

Paul L.

I subscribed for a free trial and made profits overall. Watching risk-levels is useful to know when to enter/exit a trade

Samuel M.

Nice and easy to use! I was able to scalp a few stocks thanks to the alerts! Remember to put stop loss and take profits! Thanks!

Derreck V.

Our users value our transparency. Find our track record below.

Total potential return of successful alerts, weekly (%)
Share of alerts with positive returns, weekly (%)
Potential historical returns (indicative only) based on alerted stocks on Edgewall. Edgewall shall not be held responsible, in any case, of your performance and does not guarantee any return. Please refer to our disclaimer section for more information


About us

We founded Edgewall after realizing that research and screen for opportunities is too long, costly, and complicated for most people. Our mission is to help people become better traders by turning complex trading strategies into easy to understand, actionable trading insights. We want to empower traders, no matter their level of experience, to succeed in making more money in the market. Get started today and start taking advantage of the best market opportunities.